Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brief catch up

I haven't posted anything on here in a month. No excuse really. Just nothing heartening to post about. Japan suffered a massive loss of life, there was a Chernobyl-level nuclear incident, and the world discovered that the budget deficit is not due to the recent incredible increase in the difference between the wealthiest and the ordinary people in America, where the top 1% take home 20% of the money, but no longer pay their share of taxes, and was not due to things like bankers selling worthless credit swaps to each other until the music stopped and government had to bail them out to the tune of trillions of dollars, but was in fact caused by unionized folks who insist on taking the pensions they've paid into all their working lives and old folks who've been paying Medicare taxes who now, selfishly, want to use Medicare. But now we know, and our agreeable president seems to ... agree and is off to fix the budget accordingly.

He also showed he was one of the boys by starting yet another expensive and hurty war. He completely fell down on the illegality part of it his predecessors were so good at, though. This is technically a legal war. Luckily for his place in history, this one has the potential to go full-Vietnam. You know:

Let's have a no-fly zone!
Um, telling him not to fly isn't working. We're going to have to use planes.
I guess we have to hit anti-aircraft targets on the ground too?
I suppose we better hit that tank convoy as well, even though it's not technically flying anywhere.
Damn, we hit civilians. Well, let's kill twice as many gov't forces to make up for it.
The rebels aren't exactly winning. We'd better send them some weapons.
We need people on the ground to call in air strikes.
We'd better send the rebels some advisors.
Maybe some of our advisors should fight?
Better send in some Marines.
Is the army doing anything else right now? Oh.
How does everyone feel about the draft? Oh.
Let's not put the draft thing in the form of a question this time.

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