Monday, October 24, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

I'm not actually at Wall Street, and so I'm not technically Occupying Wall Street, but I just wanted to post that I am one of the 99%.

This website has more than thirty graphs that show why income inequality today is not just slightly higher than in previous eras, but radically different.  And it's not from Radical Marxist Instigator Weekly, it's from Business Insider. Every single chart shows we're not going through some readjustment or growth, but a change to a different way of life.

They ate all our money. They vacuumed it up. We don't have it. It went to banks. Then they claimed they were too big to fail, and got bailed out. They went on to pay outrageous bonuses on their non-existent profits.

Now I hear bankers on the radio explaining how our pensions and 401ks are unsustainable and we must expect them to be downsized. I heard them on BBC World Service today, in fact, explaining how our greediness must be curtailed.

I'm not greedy. I've paid into Social Security all my working life. To hear some lackey roar about how I feel "entitled" and I need to be disabused of the notion annoys me. They took our wage increases for the last thirty years, 401(k)s, they took our mortgages, they got a trillion dollar 'bail-out', and now they want our pensions and Social Security. No. Too much already.

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Bruv said...

Hi Sis

Hope you saw the piece about the "average" pay increase for chief executives of the larger companies in the City was 49% last year even though most of their share prices fell through the floor. Presumably their bonuses and pay increases were based, like my last employer, on reducing OPEX, which is easily done by making half your people redundant and putting them on short term contracts fixed to the specific projects they are working on and then their cost is part of the CAPEX not OPEX.

By the way myself and all the people who work for me haven't had a pay rise since 2007 and it doesn't look good for this year either. One of our rivals has put all his people on a 4 day week and imposed a pay cut!!!!!!

49% they should be shot.



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