Friday, December 02, 2011

Mastermind on Led Zeppelin

As suggested by commenter Mike, here is a Mastermind round featuring questions on Led Zeppelin.

When I used to watch that programme, you were only allowed to be an expert in Cuneiform or Drill Head Technology of the 19th Century. And things like that.


Mike said...

Jimi Hendrix was one of this week's specialist subjects. (No available link as yet.) Abysmally, I only managed 7 against the contestant's 10 (early Hendrix tsk!), but I averaged 10 on General Knowledge to leave me ... last.

For the record, Motörhead have been the subject of a question on both Mastermind and University Challenge. But not a specialist subject, yet.

Mike said...

Well, we had Fleetwood Mac ('67-'77) (scored ~11) and then it happened: Specialist Subject: Motörhead. The lecturer from Shillingstone did us proud, finishing joint first (losing on passes). (Me: 16 (all of 'em) & 14, finishing first.)


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