Saturday, August 11, 2012

Always Look On The Bright Side of Life - Olympic Closing Ceremony tomorrow

The Olympics Closing Ceremony is tomorrow, and I came across this teaser today:
 Monty Python's Eric Idle will sing Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. 
(From a write up in the Grauniad)

I've always thought that the British do not only love theireccentrics, but are borderline weird. This clinches it.  The song was one of the most controversial pieces of music ever, said to mock Christ's suffering on the cross, the sacrilegious finale to Life of Brian, a film accused of bigotry, satanism, blasphemy and failing to wipe its shoes before walking in to the living room.

Now I find it's a family-friendly singalong. I guess the Age of Outrage is over in Britain.

Here's how it went over originally. It features the vicious and rude progenitors of Attack Ad-speech against a bunch of Oxbridge-educated literati, with the former being the Church of England and the latter the Pythons, of course.

Edit:  It came true.  So we got to hear Eric Idle sing the word "shit" in front of 80K punters, assorted athletes and the second line royals.

I can't add an American video as the Olympics committee, whatever their official name is, is taking them down as fast as they go up. If you have a proxy, such as TunnelBear, you can watch it on the BBC here.


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