Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Today in sickness news

My company publishes a Q&A of inquiries they receive from staff members and today's had a question from someone about maternity benefits.

Why are non-exempt employees not offered 100 percent pay for maternity leave?
The [redacted co. name] Salary Protection Disability Plan considers maternity to be a disability like any other illness/injury. [Redacted co. name] offers this plan to financially protect you and your family if you are sick or injured and cannot work. It is designed to replace a portion of your income while you are recovering. The company paid plan benefit for non-exempt employees is 60 percent of base earnings following the waiting period.

Yes, that's correct. My company, which is a $BigNameCo in health care, says that maternity is "like any other illness or injury".  

This is probably news to people who think that pregnancy and childbirth is a normal part of a woman's lifecycle, like growing taller or developing body hair. Well now you know better. It's an illness or injury, official.

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