Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Marc Bolan

It's Marc Bolan's birthday again - he was born on the 30th September 1947. He died before he was thirty, but if he was still here, he would be 65 today. That's a difficult concept to imagine. (Gary Glitter at 65, that's easy. In fact, I think he already was 65 back in 1972...he just stayed the same age. David Bowie - now there's someone who can't be over sixty, surely?)

Marc Bolan was always slightly older than you'd think - a latterday graduate of the 2is, like Cliff Richard before him, rather than an actual 70's Star - but it's still very hard to imagine a 65 year old Boppin' Elf.  BP Fallon, now, Marc's onetime publicist and conga-playing stand-in for a video shoot in Germany (and also Led Zeppelin's main man) is still going strong. He had a single on Jack White's Third Man Records label recently and is still in the thick of things. But Boley, nope - it's as if he was never going to be sixty.

This is the 40th anniversary of Glam Rock, and not coincidentally, of my own discovery of music and musicians and fandom, so I have a bit of a mental retrospective going on. Unfortunately, I can't find much of interest on the intertubes to point the curious at - many Marc Bolan sites are lurid, non-web-safe-colored, marching-ants, flashing text box, eight different font style nightmares that seem to have lurched haphazardly out of a 1997 Geocities fever dream, web pages that make MySpace pages look like copperplate journals by Latin scholars in comparison.  And I've never found a fan message board that suited me either, although I'm willing to believe there's one out there somewhere. Even the books I have on the subject are mostly not worth mentioning. I quite liked Mark Paytress' 20th Century Boy: The Marc Bolan Story, though, but it doesn't appear to exist...unless Paytress lost the rights to the title and this is the same book.

The legendary "lost" performance of New York City

Marc and June Bolan

Marc and Gloria Jones with little Rolan Bolan

Hot Love, German TV 1971 - with Beep on congas.

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