Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's Top of the Pops - and it's Jonathan Richman!

In between collapsing crying over supposed "pedo" transgressions in the 70's, the BBC continues to make Top of the Pops available again.

Jonathan Richman, possibly the oddest man to hit because of 'punk', managed to get on Top of the Pops in 1977 with Roadrunner, a sublime ode to youth, to being there, and the coolest song for 10 years on either side of it. TOTP, unable to get Mr. Richman to perform 'live' as was their wont, asked their dance troupe Legs and Co to interpret the hit.

The resulting 'dance' is one for the ages.

But not enough ages to watch it unironically. Perhaps it's better just to turn the sound up and look away from the television and imagine what Richman meant to be a roadrunner, with the radio on.

Of course Jonathan Richman was particularly unblessed by TOTP - his Egyptian Reggae was also 'interpreted' by Legs and Co.

[Original link broke; now watch it here. Can't embed.]

This is widely regarded as the most unintentionally funny performance ever by the troupe. And that's saying a lot. Observe the camel. (What am I saying? You can't ignore the camel even if you try.)

It might have been better if he'd mustered his energies and come over to the UK himself to perform. Or then again, maybe not. Those who knew his oeuvre (egg?) didn't actually need him to be there.

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