Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Brain Initiative - I know the answer already

President Obama has called for a Brain Initiative - Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies. Apparently a whole hundred million dollars has been allocated to it, whatever "it" is. I have to say it sounds like something dreamed up by some president from Idiocracy. I can imagine the scene:

President: I need something megabig, for my legacy. Like the War On Drugs, War Against Cancer, War On Terror... 
Advisor (in a whispered aside): Does he know we aren't winning those? (Out loud) The Apollo moon shot project, sir? Mapping the human genome? 
President: Exactly. One of them. Or one like them. I want the biggest thing ever. What's the greatest mystery of all? 
Advisor 2: God, sir. 
President: We can't solve God. It says so in the Bible. 
Advisor 3: Women? 
President: Good one. "The Human Women Project." Wait, women might not like being seen as a problem to be solved, even though they are, hey fellers? And they have the vote, so no. 
Advisor 2: The Greatest Mystery Of All is...The Yooman Brane! 
President: I love it! The Human Brainome Project! My legacy is secure! Get someone at NIH on to it, will you?

(The answer is 42.)

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