Friday, November 22, 2013


Boing boing has a piece on the softness and fragility of the brain, which we'd already know if we'd grown up in Yorkshire, like I did, where various odd organs were sold on butcher's stalls in the market.

I grew up somewhere where offal was always on the menu, so I remember seeing a pile of sheeps' heads in the back of the butcher's station wagon on numerous occasions. I've always loved liver, and kidneys (preferably lambs' liver and lambs' kidneys) and my mother was big on tripe and elder (I believe elder is cows' udder, but I've never met anyone who could corroborate that).

However, the brain was always right out. Ditto heart and tongue.

Yorkshire joke:
Lancashire man, walking in to a Yorkshire butcher's: "I'd like a sheap's 'ead."
Butcher (to boy in back): "Ian! Ian! Bring us a sheap's 'ead."
Lancashire man: "Mek shooer it's a Lancashire sheap!"
Butcher (to boy in back): "Ian! Ian! Tek t'brains owt!"

To be fair, that was first told to me by a Lancashire man, with the counties reversed.


Bruv said...

Hi Sis

You have to read the facts and tips section of the Tripe Marketing Board web page, honest there is such a place!! Chuckle, chuckle. And why are they sat around in their dressing gowns eating tripe?? They ven have a Trip(e) Advisor page ;-)


Bruv said...

Hi Sis

The Tripe Marketing Board admit that they are trying to promote tripe as a sustainable food source, but doing it with a bit of Humour. The bit I like is under "Facts and Tips" and tongue in cheek give the following facts and advice.

Tripe Facts And Tips

•In the 1920s, there were something like half a million tripe shops in Lancashire and an estimated 2,000 tripe shops and restaurants in Wigan alone!
•Plagued by infestations of cockroaches, rats or other household pests? Simply leave a bowl of tripe out overnight and in the morning, hey presto, problem solved. The pests are either dead or guaranteed never to return

•Prisoners of the Spanish Inquisition were forced to either eat tripe or be burnt at the stake. Many chose the latter
•Tripe juice is an excellent cure for a hangover
•A diet of tripe can increase your libido by up to 400%
•To cure hair loss, simply wrap a sheet of tripe around your head and secure with a swimming cap
•The first tripe takeaway, Tripe Hut, opened in Manchester in 1979. It closed the following year


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