Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jimmy Page says Stairway to Heaven Taurus rip-off claim is "ridiculous"

You can read the whole thing at Bloomberg Businessweek, but there isn't much more there than the headline. Jimmy Page was asked about the claim by the Liberation newspaper, and he said, "That's ridiculous."

Meanwhile, the lawyer who was originally said to be about to file the suit is not having a good time on a current case.  According to, Francis Alexander Malofiy is representing Dan Marino against Ussher in a lawsuit concerning the song Bad Girl.

During the trial, however, Judge Diamond spoke against Malofiy in particular; filing a 22-page Sanctions Memorandum against him (which you can read here), saying that the “Defendants have shown clearly and convincingly that Attorney Francis Malofiy has acted disgracefully: lying to an unsophisticated, impoverished, unrepresented Defendant, thus convincing that Defendant to expose himself (probably baselessly) to substantial liability.”
Brian Ives at details more of the choice words the judge used, along with other background on Malofiy.

I keep wanting to spell that word Malfoy. Now Lucius Malfoy, a pureblood wizard, would be a better foe for Jimmy Page, I believe.

I wrote about the supposed "rip-off" here. Hint: No it isn't.

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