Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In case of imminent sonic destruction...

Some things, when added to any video, will make it better - trebuchets, cats, daleks, and of course Brian Blessed.

So Hawkwind have brought in Brian Blessed for the shouting track of Sonic Attack.

The 1973 original is one of my favorite tracks ever. Written by Michael Moorcock and shouted by Robert Calvert, it is one of the most sinister and heart-thumping pieces of space rock that could ever exist. In the case of imminent sonic destruction, Bob Calvert orders, it is imperative to "think only of yourselves" - you are statistically more likely to survive if you think only of yourselves. Hearing him intone that instruction during the hippiest of Acid Daze was quite something.

Brian Blessed brings a more, well, Brian Blessedy performance to the lyrics, and the rhythm's a bit watered down as well. I understand this is being released for charity - go, Team Badger - so everybody should go buy it and then go to YouTube and listen to the original, preferably while tripping.

Note: The first two lines are NSFW. The rest, being all violence and not s*x, are quite suitable for the workplace.

BTW, if you think the hippies protested too much[1] about things like sonic attacks, here is an LRAD (a sonic attack device) mounted on an armored truck being used against ordinary American townsfolk, in Ordinarysville, i.e. Ferguson, MO, on August 14th 2014.

[1] Hahaha I make protest march joke,  but yes I do know what "protest" meant to the Shakester. Funnies come before good usage.

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Bruv said...

Hi Sis

Saw Hawkwind at a Leeds Uni bash that me and three drunk Polytechnic mates gate crashed around Xmas 1972. At the time the music wasn't the only mind blowing part of the show, they actually had a "LIGHT SHOW" unheard of in those days.

BTW booked to see JW at Leeds in November, can't wait :-)



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