Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jimmy Page, by Jimmy Page (Affordable Edition) out today

Three years ago, I bought a copy of the limited edition of Jimmy Page's "autobiography", a book of photographs detailing his entire career, from teenager to honorary doctorate and OBE holder.  I wrote about it here.  It's a fantastic book, but at $650 it's not something I leave open on the kitchen table in order to gawp at the pictures every day while whipping up a souffle or two.

Today, the affordable edition is released, by the same publisher, Genesis.  Details are kind of sparse, but Genesis call it an "edition" of the same book, so I have to assume the photo selection is the same and the difference is in the craftmanship that went into it.  I'm currently swinging between irritation that "Led Wallet" (as the road crew apparently called Jimmy Page on account of his thriftiness) would go for the money by releasing an unlimited edition and a strange desire to own it as it is a book I could paw through without damaging it.

Jimmy Page's website has a slideshow of some of the pages in the book and a "buy" button, but you can also buy from Amazon, which as usual looks to be the cheapest option - it is $37.95, with free shipping because I'm a Prime member.

10/20/14 Edit to add: I did buy it, of course. I review it here.

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