Saturday, February 28, 2015

Alison Mosshart with the Gang of Four and the Re-Licked Project

Alison Mosshart's been in the news again recently. Though she's recording - e x c r u c i a t i n g l y   s l o w l y - with the Dead Weather, she's recording quite prolifically with other bands.

She appeared on Carson Daly  playing Stooges songs with James Williamson's Re-Licked Project and on the Gang of Four's new album What Happens Next? (Which was well reviewed.)

Till The End Of The Night

Here is another song with the Re-Licked Project, recorded at the Bootleg Theater on 01/16/2015.

Wild Love

And with the Gang of Four, England's In My Bones:

England's In My Bones

Also with the Gang of Four, Broken Talk, starting at 4:00 minutes in:

Broken Talk

(This is actually the entire Gang of Four Album, so you can actually listen to all of it if you want to. I've let it continue after Broken Talk in the embed above.)

It's great to hear her voice and singing with such disparate bands challenges her and brings out the best in her voice, I think. But I'm still pining for some Kills - and some Dead Weather dates!

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