Monday, January 29, 2007

Battlestar Galactica: Taking a Break from All Your Worries

Six is back, and pushing poor Baltar to his limits again. The interplay between Six and Baltar is written so well that it's still impossible to tell whether she's an independent agent or just inside his head, the voice of his conscience. Baltar seems to alternate between threesomes with beautiful Cylons and being tortured. I bet he thinks he shoulda stood in bed. No, wait, it's bed that got him into this mess. I bet he wishes he'd never gotten involved in planetary defense systems. Great episode in terms of Baltar character development.

I'm not so sure about the intercutting between Apollo/Kara's soap-opera life and Baltar's torture though, unless the message is that marriage is as bad as being a prisoner of war in a place that isn't a signatory to the Geneva Conventions. All I have to say is, if marriage is as bad, Jamie "Apollo" Bamber is not actor enough to carry it off. He looked more like a man with a mild case of indigestion than a man whose life is falling apart. About one more shot of him drinking heavily and glancing longingly at Kara and I'd have had to start drinking myself. Come on, you married each other. Deal with it and leave me out of it. And as my SO says, it's a problem that can easily be solved by buying a bigger bed. Do they have bigger beds in Galactica? Perhaps they could just push a few bunks together. It'd be a nice treat for the viewers and put a stop to the four of them whining.

On the other hand, Baltar manages to look totally without hope in his scenes, especially the one in which Six encouraged him to hang himself – a scene which might not have been intended to look as kinky as it actually did. Oh, wait, this is Galactica. It must have been designed to look kinky. You don't often see imaginary gorgeous six foot tall blonde models kicking a chair out from under a man and watching him strangle on a rope, at least not on regular cable.

Baltar's trial should be good. Mind you, I think it's that bastard Helo who should be on trial. He's sold out his own people twice to save his little toaster squeeze (killing the Cylon prisoners to stop Rosyln's planned germ warfare and 'killing' his wife so she's reborn, unarmed and in captivity, on the Cylon ship still filled with knowledge of the Colonial defenses) – and he knows he's doing it too, where Baltar has plenty of room to claim he was either under duress or too mad to understand what he was doing (or frequently both).

I have a theory about Baltar. But that way lies fanfic. (Never again with the fanfic.)

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