Wednesday, January 31, 2007

News media censors offensive Mooninite.

Today, news outlets censored the hand gesture of a cartoon character.

The story was posted by FanTent at .
FanTent explain: "The buzz in the marketing world today focuses on Boston’s reaction to a guerrilla marketing campaign on behalf of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. As everyone at this point knows the “magnetic” light boxes were misinterpreted as, well, bombs. Suffice it to say that this marketing campaign might well be considered a bomb (at least for the guy who’s been arrested).
What’s interesting from the FanTent perspective is the fact that the national media has taken to editing the image of the Mooninite coming off the Longfellow Bridge".
You can see both versions on the news report video here:
Quite right too. Imagine what would happen if an unsuspecting person saw the original picture. It could be interpreted as a sort of hand gesture of some kind! It's time we put our children's well-being first!!

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