Saturday, September 06, 2008

No Led Zeppelin Tour...

I'm not surprised, and I'm not particularly disappointed. I saw Zeppelin, and they were these four young guys playing songs they'd written a couple of years ago. I've never thought that three older guys playing songs they wrote 30 years ago would be anything like the same thing.

Jimmy Page and Jack White at the premiere of It Might Get Loud yesterday.

Jimmy Page, who usually equivocates when asked, was cornered at the Toronto Film Festival during the press conference for It Might Get Loud. Apparently journalists had been told not to ask about Zeppelin, but one persisted in asking the "R" question - Reunion - and finally, Page said, "We’re not actually really recording. We played at the O2. That was our reunion.” He added, "It's nothing as monumental as what people are speculating and projecting.”

“If you’re going to do a reunion, you need four members,” he said, apparently meaning that Plant was off playing with Alison Krauss and Pork Chop Burnett.

Reuters Story.

Edited to remove dead link 06/13/2014 Story

On the other hand, after nine months of saying "probably", "possibly" and just plain looking mysterious, a straight "no" seems out of character. Maybe it means yes. Page is the consummate Dom - I'm sure he enjoys thwarting expectations more than almost anybody in music.


Anonymous said...

kinda late... but just accidentally read this. it's funny that Page said you need four members for a reunion, but the article suggests that he meant that Plant was too busy. well, excuse me, but by "four members" he clearly meant that Bonzo ain't making the reunion, so it's off. as it should be.

Lyle Hopwood said...

Not sure if you weren't there, or don't remember the sentiment at the time, but at this particular date, he's talking about Plant not cooperating. I know things have changed recently (2014)and got a lot more complicated. Have a look at the structure of his reply. (I found the Canadian link that had gone dead and put a live link back in the post.)
Stromboulopoulos: "For Mr. Page. There are reports that you, Jason Bonham and John Paul Jones are recording right now, and there are rumours swirling that Led Zeppelin will tour. What can you tell us?"

Page: "We're not recording. We played at the O2 [London stadium]. That was our reunion. Basically that was it. For a reunion you need four members. Yes, Jason and John Paul sometimes jam together, but there's nothing as monumental as what people have speculated."

So Page calls the 02 "our reunion" even though Bonzo wasn't there. It's unlikely that he changed the definition of the word "reunion" to only mean with Bonzo one sentence later.

But it is kind of a moot point now. And anyway, I agree with you that it's not Led Zeppelin without John Bonham.


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