Monday, September 29, 2008

No Led Zeppelin Tour

Some official words at last, from Robert Plant's site.

Official Statement, September 29th 2008.

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss are currently touring the USA on the last leg of their 'Raising Sand' tour. They played a benefit concert in Oklahoma City for victims of Hurricane Ike last Friday; Austin,Texas last Saturday and tomorrow they play Portland, Oregon before finishing the tour in Saratoga, California on October 5th.

After those dates, Robert has no intention whatsoever of touring with anyone for at least the next two years. Contrary to a spate of recent reports, Robert Plant will not be touring or recording with Led Zeppelin. Anyone buying tickets online to any such event will be buying bogus tickets.

“It‘s both frustrating and ridiculous for this story to continue to
rear its head when all the musicians that surround the story are keen to get on with their individual projects and move forward,” Robert Plant said.

“I wish Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham nothing but success with any future projects,” he added.

On the group I'm on this is being hailed as a sign something is happening and that after all, jokey statements about there not being enough doctors to support a show were made by Plant only 2 months before O2. Ah, fans. Hope springs eternal.


Carroll said...

I'm thinking very seriously about hopping on public transportation tomorrow heading north to SF to attend this free fest: at which AK & RP will be appearing around 5:15. Wish you were here to goad me into actually acting on that good intention. Weather in AM may well be the determining factor.

Blogger comments still seem to hate me -- let's see if I can figure out a way to actually post this one.

(took a frickin' 15+ minutes, but looks like I won the battle :-)

Peromyscus said...

Go, Carroll! I'm sure you'll have a good time, and it's the last, or possibly next to last show Plant will do before he stops touring for two whole years!


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