Monday, September 08, 2008

A Sad Commentary

This article about a brother and sister's sexual relationship with each other provoked more than 400 comments.

One of them was:

Of course the children of Adam and Eve had to sleep together to produce children. This will not happen if evolution is true. Yet another clear sign that it is NOT.
virginia, Brisbane, Australia

Hear hear, virginia. As I've often said myself, The Bible is right. The moon is made of green cheese therefore how can the universe be older than 6,000 years? The moon would of gone moldy. QED.

I love reading stupid comments[1]. Why would I bother with this Firefox extension, YouTube Comment Snob, that cleans up the more moronic YouTube comments (i.e. 95% of them) leaving just a vast energy-wasting white space displayed on your screen instead? If I didn't have YouTube commenters I'd have delusions of species grandeur.

Luckily for people like me who like to get to the good stuff, there's always some bad-tempered masochist around who can find the very worst comments on the web and then piss on them from a great height.

Speak You're Branes is such a site. It takes comments from the racist-magnet BBC Have Your Say site and has its wicked way with them. Sample:

A TASTE OF MY LIFE “The chef on the programme stated that ‘a bog standard sponge would do’. He used the term ‘B.O.G standard’ incorrectly. ‘B.O.G standards’ means British or German standard, this goes back to WWI. Such errors should not be made on BBC programmes.”
Aha. This makes a lot of sense because British and German stuff was pretty much interchangeable at that time.

As I have been saying for many years now, the Labour party are merely Communists in disguise. Topsy Turvy, England, United Kingdom
It’s a VERY fucking good disguise.

And many more. And more every day. Perhaps I will get YouTube Comment Snob and just read the fine ones other people have pre-sorted for me.

[1] On other people's sites.

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