Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dead Weather, Bowery Ballroom, April 14th.

It was the Dead Weather's first show - if you don't count the invite-only debut in Nashville in March - last night.

Here's the videos to tide you over until the bootlegs come out.

Sixty Feet Tall.

Ignore the first minute or so. For a startled moment there I assumed Dead Weather were playing Sure Nuff n'Yes I Do - I thought Alison Mossheart had developed a couple of extra octaves at the low end (I wouldn't put it past her). But it was a recording of Captain Beefheart, of course.

I Cut Like a Buffalo

Hang You From the Heavens

This is their single.

Don't know what to think yet. Rolling Stone were there and their review is a red mist of teen-weltanschauung post-apocalyptic black leather imagery, plus it mentions 'sexual menace', 'spite' and 'swagger' so I suppose that's all good then.

Unfortunately I seemed to have hypnotized myself by watching the Beefheart video when I found the hyperlinks for this post. I'm ruined for other music for a couple of days. Sorry Jack.

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