Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jack White's New Band: The Dead Weather

Jack White has formed another new band. Called The Dead Weather, they debuted last night in Nashville at a launch of themselves and another set of simultaneous Jack White ventures. One is beginning to think the man is an automaton - Unstoppable Jack.

The Dead Weather
Photo by Christopher Berkley for The Times

According to the LA Times today,
Reporting from Nashville -- Jack White took the wraps off his new band here Wednesday night, launching phase three of his ever-evolving career with a 20-minute live performance by Dead Weather, fronted by the Kills singer Alison Mosshart, at the site of his new Third Man Records headquarters.

The private show, attended by about 150 invitees, took place in the downtown building that houses not only the label's offices but a performance space, a record store specializing in vinyl, a photo studio and a darkroom.
He is also close to a pressing plant and intends to be able to record bands that come through Nashville and get vinyl records pressed for them to sell at gigs within three weeks.

The new band's website is here, and comes with two tracks for your listening pleasure. Sounding much like The Kills with a good drummer, they have Hang You From The Heavens and the venerable Are Friends Electric - which used to be punctuated differently in my day - to which I guess the answer is 'yes, but not digital', at least in Jack White's world.

A less breathless-pajama'd-blogger take on this will follow later. It Made Me Think.

Update: More on Dead Weather's first gig, April 14th here and here.


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