Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Dead Weather; in which I get cardigan envy.

Here's another video of Dead Weather's debut at the Bowery on April 15th, 2009.

Will There Be Enough Water.

Nice. Jack is back on guitar and showing us how come he got famous. And Ms. Mosshart is wearing a cardie that has gorgeous eye-catching ocellata like a peacock day gecko

but in the colors of a Tokay gecko

which is totally cross-dressing gecko-wise and makes her the Lizard Queen. I have cardie envy.

Here's an NYT review.

Here's a nice long interview with Dead Weather from Self-Titled Daily. (April 14th 2009) It includes a lovely video clip of Alison Mosshart singing Steady as She Goes with The Raconteurs. The contrast between that and the above video shows that drumming is beginning to do Mr. White good - one friend of mine has already remarked on the much improved arm tone. We're hoping for a good long summer tour and looking foward to videos of the resulting upper body cuts.

And here are the three videos I linked to yesterday, I Cut Like a Buffalo, Hang You from the Heavens and 60 Feet Tall.

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