Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Jack is a real cool cat

...and he lives on top of Manhattan Chase. So said David Bowie in Diamond Dogs. Apparently Halloween Jack White lives in a guano-colored church in evil East London.

Nice little video of Jack White (and three almost silent DWs) being interviewed in London. Hard to believe there are four people in this band.

And another one:

They are playing a pop-up store gig on Halloween at Shoreditch Church, because, Jack says, Halloween is not big in Britain. It seems he has a different attitude to promoting modern American practices in social customs than he does to accepting modern American music-listening practices, his antipathy to which he explains in detail in the video.

It's a shame I don't still work in the blood transfusion department at Whitechapel Hospital a couple of miles from this church, otherwise I would definitely have won Jack's competition to be the audience member most covered in blood.

To his credit he does correct himself a few seconds later and say 'fake blood'.

It's also a shame that Shoreditch Church isn't the Hawksmoor church in that parish. I think The Dead Weather and Hawksmoor would have gotten on like a house on fire. When I first saw the pop up store was going to be at Shoreditch church I almost flew over to go see. Luckily I checked on the interwebs first.

They'll be selling the usual Third Man tat, but apparently with very limited edition glow in the dark spooky singles. Lucky England.


Bruv said...

Hi Sis

I note the glow in the dark singles are on eBay within hours of them going on sale at the pop up store.


Peromyscus said...

Yes, the parasites will always be with us. But at least, as Jack White says in the video, they had to get up and go somewhere to do it, they couldn't just write a program to hit the 'buy now' button and then go on to scalp the records like a crowd of day traders. It must have been sad for the fans who weren't able to get one though.


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