Sunday, March 06, 2011

Vanalden Cave

Last Sunday, inspired by a post on boing boing, we went to Vanalden Cave. This is in Tarzana, Los Angeles. It's a relatively easy half mile hike, although it was quite slippy on the trails that day. If you follow the directions on the internet, it will tell you to get out of the car when Vanalden Avenue dead ends, and follow the trail to the cave. They also state that when you come to the place where you don't know which way to go, go right. This very psychedelic description is quite fitting, as apparently Vanalden cave is where the 'shroomers hang out, but it's not very useful as there are at least two places where you don't know which way to go.

At the first one, go left.

Go left

At the other one, go right.

I'm used to great sweeping limestone caves like Gaping Gill, so Los Angeles' sandstone cavern seemed very different to me.

Cave Mouth

It's dry and warm inside, although there are a lot of holes in the roof where it rains in when it does rain.

cave mouth from inside and roof holes

roof holes

What makes it interesting is generations of people have carved the soft sandstone inside, and painted the walls outside. It's like an Angelino Lascaux or Tassili.




big blue

little blue


This was a fun trip, especially as I also got to eat a double-double at In 'n' Out Burger.


Janel said...

The red one reminds me of Anakin's ceiling!

Peromyscus said...

It does! Except I just spent fifteen fruitless minutes looking for a picture of Anakin's ceiling and failed mightily. I would have to screencap the movie, but I just realized I no longer know how to screencap movies. It used to be so simple...back then like four years ago or so!


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