Friday, September 09, 2011

Alison Mosshart: What a Wonderful World

This is proof that Alison Mosshart and Baby Ruthless are two different people. Alison has covered the granddad-beloved smarm-fest What a Wonderful World. If Baby Ruthless had a solo single I'm sure it would be called something like I Claw My Way Into Your Frozen Grave And Consume Your Soul (Baby).

It's quite nice, isn't it?
Although, I guess, it was for the TV show Sons of Anarchy, which I bet isn't a reality show about people who rescue baby rabbits or anything.


Mike said...

Couldn't find a non-saccharin version of this. Joey Ramone, Joe Pesci, Shane MacGowan all failed me.
Written against the politics of the late sixties, it seems protected by a forcefield of genuine optimism.
Now, if Wendy O Williams had covered it... She did rescue baby rabbits.

You know, I wish other people would comment on this blog.

Peromyscus said...

Checking it out on Wikipedia, it seems it wasn't 'beloved' in the US, but mostly in the UK. I've certainly seen people saying they only know the Joey Ramone version.

Yeah, Louis Armstrong wasn't singing what Martin Luther King was saying, and I suppose that gives it a certain tension, but that was forty years ago.

I wish other people would comment too. There's only on thing for it. We both need to create sock puppet personalities and have an argument. Nothing mobilizes the internet like the sight of two people arguing.


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