Sunday, September 18, 2011


When I was a little kid, dinosaurs were totally cool.  After Jurassic Park, they were sick. But now I learn they are far beyond cool. They actually look like this.

Yes, they are giant furry man-eating chickens on acid with extreme prejudice.

It turns out that they've always had fluffy feathers, which is why they now have flight feathers. The crow or turkey vulture or parakeet watching you right now is a dinosaur. I kind of knew it by how they cocked their head when they looked at me, but now science has something to back that up.

Wired has a lovely article detailing the recent finds: dinosaur feathers in amber. The picture above is by Lida Xing as quoted in their article.


Mike said...
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Mike said...

The real reason that Dinosaurs died out:
Separated at birth:
A or B?
Clue: Survival requires reproduction.


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