Monday, November 14, 2011

New modes of news

Looking at the news the last four days has been a depressing experience.  There was the failure of Phobos-Grunt, for instance, and the very real thought that eventually Phobos-Grunt will fall to earth, depositing 12 tonnes of Nitrogen Tetroxide and Hydrazine somewhere unguessable. That should be fun.

But I did notice a trend, and that was the trend of having non-humans read the news. I know we all love Siri - and we spent a good hour on Friday afternoon asking her what she was wearing and whether she was married (she did not reply in good humor to the inquiries) - but it's odd that non-humans have such a presence in the news. I assume that the volume of video is so high that not enough Emo layabouts in bedrooms can fill it up. 

Here, for instance, via Youdopia, cute critters discuss the banking crisis. 

They have a point. Obviously, news travels fast in the river delta of the Uncanny Valley.  But deeper in the upper tributaries of the valley, we learn of two automatons discussing the recently discovered outbreak of child-rape at Penn State. It's interesting to hear robots discuss this most disgustingly human failing, and even more interesting to see that they envision it as a tiger attacking a zebra in the  locker room showers. Can't say I've ever heard of NMATV, but I'll be tuning in to their droidcasters more often.

Interesting that JoePa, if that be he, is presented as Harry Potter. 

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