Monday, March 12, 2012

Blogroll updated

I cleaned out the blogroll today. I've been meaning to do it for a while.

One or two, like Steve Audio, don't seem to be updating frequently, and I miss them. Most of them, though, I deleted because either I changed or they changed, but either way they bore me. I'll add a few new ones as I remember new favorite sites.

The science fiction sites are nearly wiped out. Most of them have a few good posts, but the "community" they are so proud of in their comments sections is mature - which is to say, composed entirely of entrenched regulars. A plurality of those regulars are crazy, which is fine, as fen are often crazy, but many of them, crazy and otherwise, seem to be banging on about the same things they've talked about for at least five years, and are impenetrable to newcomers.

I stopped reading one SF writer's blog a couple of years ago when my first attempted comment was held for moderation - on blogger - and never appeared. It appeared that I had been rejected from commenting on blogger, which is like not being able to piss in the woods. In this case, I would like to be a member of a club that would have people like me as a member. I've just wiped out another SF writer's blog from the roll for not publishing a comment that was relatively harmless in a thread with 215 previous comments, which is more like being not allowed to piss in a public restroom.

I've wiped yet another SF writer's blog because he's mildly unpleasant.  A lot of SF writers are certifiably insane, but I've never linked to those folks, so I'm going after the mildly unpleasant ones instead. (If you want to keep up with who is insane, click on More Words, Deeper Hole, which I haven't removed, and follow the "memetic prophylactic recommended" tags.) And I've taken out the SF publishers' blog for having an egregiously "mature" commenting community who act en masse like Usenet denizens, but without the strict thread topic discipline that implies.

I doubt if any of them will notice the link is gone. So far all I've added is a music message board. I hadn't put anything there for fellow Jack White fans, so now something's added for you. If anyone has any suggestions for blogroll candidates, or if you're a reader who would like a reciprocal shout out, let me know!

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