Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Quote of the day

This is from the comments section on an article about the recent shooting in Afghanistan. Comment threads on that sort of news always tend towards truths expressed in ways that are not vetted for political correctness. I agree with this person's assessment totally, and his lack of spelling ability doesn't mean his views are incorrect.
Just saying we have one bad apple is literally blaming on
individual who was seriously sick and desperately needed job and treatment and
perhaps this individual was toxicated with hate full Rederick.
I think the concept of hate full Rederick will color my understanding of this conflict forever. Or maybe it just seems like forever that we - Americans - will be embroiled in this stupid and pointless conflict. There was no reason to attack Afghanistan, and even if there was, no reason to believe 'we' could 'win' as 'conquering Afghanistan' has been the picture under the 'futile endeavor' entry in the dictionary for a thousand years. Bashing our heads against a brick wall would have accomplished exactly as much, and wouldn't have resulted in innocent men, women and children being mowed down in their houses. People often lecture me that 'they [Moslems] are jealous of our freedom'. I wasn't so sure about that. But since this news broke I realize that our apparently complete freedom to go to their countries, break into their houses and kill their children could - you know - possibly be seen as a bad thing - maybe.

Maybe that's what people mean.

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