Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lucifer Rising

I got my copy of Jimmy Page's Lucifer Rising and other soundtracks in the mail today. It was shipped from the UK signature-only, but luckily STB was home to sign for it. The large and not very clever cardboard package (these guys could learn a lot from Third Man Records' packaging) had a label on it reading Jimmy Page.

The postman apparently breathlessly asked STB "if it's from THE Jimmy Page?"

Why, yes, it is!

Jimmy Page's short cameo in Kenneth Anger's Lucifer Rising movie - with a copy of the Stele of Revealing and  a goat.

Reminded me of a time when I was wearing a t-shirt with the classic picture of Page emptying a bottle of Jack Daniel's down his gullet. A typical Orange County straight glared at it and said "the guy looks like a girl - what is that?" But when I said, "That's Jimmy Page!" he calmed right down and was palpably taken back to 1975 in his mind.

I haven't actually played Lucifer Rising yet - I have a love/hate affair with vinyl. I love having it, I hate playing it. And of course I've had the bootleg for years, so it's not as though I'm itching to hear what the man was thinking all those years ago. In fact, I have a copy of the movie with Jimmy's soundtrack synced to it instead of Bobby Beausoleil's originally released track.

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