Thursday, May 03, 2012

No Lie

Hooray! My team building exercise tomorrow has been canceled! I can concentrate on Star Wars Day instead.

Thinking about lying on the Internets, and about HR team building exercises, I realized:

1. This year, for my birthday, I got one real birthday card and one missive from Bruv that might count as a birthday present (no card though). On the other hand, I got e-cards from a car dealership and from a hotel I once stayed in. How come the car dealership and the hotel even have my birthday on file? I didn't give them permission to keep that data on file. They both saw my driver's license so I assume they both filched the info from it.
2. I was speaking with my HR Director today, and during the conversation he said, "fuck".  I don't mind (said it myself often enough) but I thought HR types had the word surgically removed from their vocabulary before they started their job? Guess not!

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