Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rita Hayworth - Stayin' Alive

What it says on the tin. Rita Hayworth Stayin' Alive. I believe I'm supposed to use the word "gams" somewhere here.

It's hard to remember how much I hated the Bee Gees in late 1977. I used to hear this pounding out of the basement of one of the students' halls of residence and wonder how anyone could fall for it. Now, I still hate it but I have to salute a beat that just won't quit and a masterful song that, despite being about nothing, manages to keep your interest for at least the first three minutes of its four-and-a-half. Beat-matching it to the Rita Hayworth footage disentangles it from its actual historical place in my memories (I can still recall the smell of spilled beer in that basement - was it in Creed Hall?) and puts it on a footing with Bollywood movies as a pure spectacle.

I try to forget what it was like when I was straining and soaring against the dark ages of music ((c) Tony Palmer, 1969).

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