Friday, June 01, 2012

Happy 40th, Glam Rock! My 1972 Diary, July.

July 3rd.
Alice Cooper is T. Rexellent!

[I still love Alice Cooper.]

July 11th.

Went to Tutankhamun Exhibition. Very good! Five hours queue but I had frequent journeys into the rest of the museum.  Fine day.
[It's impossible to overestimate the impression the first Tutankhamen Exhibition – carefully spelled 'Tutankhamun' – had on the British public. The lines were beyond Disneyland in extent.  This was a school trip, so with dozens of us in the line, I could skip off and visit all my favorite Egyptology rooms in the British Museum. Why on earth they didn't give you a place-holder and tell you to come back in five hours, I don't know. The modern world is so convenient compared with the fricken' seventies. Even those brick-like beepers restaurants give you these days so you don't clog up the foyer  repelling potential patrons would be better than having half the schoolkids in England lining up behind half a mile of ropes for 5 hours. Sheesh.  But it was worth it – the exhibition stunned me, even though I'd been reading books about the contents of his tomb for half my young life. From the beautiful and unimaginably precious gold mask to the little touches of humanity various people had left strewn around the tomb, it was a tour de force.]

July 12th.
Lazed about all morning. In the afternoon went to baths [pool] with Jill Wood. Mum brought Beard of Stars back.

[Why, where had it been? Damn the tersitude of this diary!]

July 17th.
Have to be up at five to get bus for Belgium in the morning.

[Another school trip.]

July 25th.
Came off boat. I found Godfather on it. Motored back. Didn't find poster coz shop closed.

[I didn't write anything at all for the entire trip to Belgium, although I remember it quite well. I actually vaguely remember buying a Marc Bolan poster and looking at it in the bus, so I'm not sure why the contemporaneous record disagrees with my obviously infallible memory.  I remember the Godfather (the book by Mario Puzo) though.  It had the first sex scene I'd ever read in it. I carefully dog-eared it for further perusal and of course my mother found it and threw it away within days. It served me in good stead, since later on I was the only person in my group to understand the reference to "a baby's arm holding an apple" in the Tubes' song What Do You Want From Life?]

July 26th.
Bought new T. Rex album, The Slider – Fantastic!

July 28th.
Bought Schools Out End of College. Listened to it all day. Album that is.

[I still love Alice Cooper. My parents hated them. They surely couldn't see through my clever deception above though.]

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