Saturday, October 27, 2012

These Fortean times

Live shark found on local golf course, San Juan Hills.  Video proof below, but since it's only thirty seconds long and is preceded by a thirty-second, rather loud, advertisement, you may want to forgo it.

The Capistrano Dispatch reported that it was returned to the ocean, about four miles away, and it swam off.

(The shark, not the loud advertisement.)

I assume this means that the ancient Wayans were right, and the world is gonna end on December 21st.


Bruv said...

Hi Sis

Seeing Falling Water (California Dreamin)in your tab row, reminded me to ask if you had also seen FLW's Cooke House as it is my surname. The workmanship that went into the houses as well as the actual design are magnificent, I would love to own something like that, dream on!!!!

The group that David did a lot of the background projection art for when they started up in Oxford are now semi resident in the US and I note they are playing CA as couple of times next month If you get to the show and get to meet them mention that you are David's aunt.


Peromyscus said...

No, haven't seen it.

Anaheim (where the band are playing) is quite close by, but unless David is with them, I don't think I'll be going.


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