Monday, October 01, 2012

Happy 40th, Glam Rock! My 1972 Diary, October

October 7th.
Went to Leeds, dad bought the Roxy Music LP. All right. We got it from Virgin – chart shop.

[Amazing to think of Virgin as a little record shop. I wish I'd invested $10 in the shop that day. I could have retired by now. But no, I bought an LP.]

October 11th.
Lindisfarne, Genesis – great. Genesis is loud/soft. Lindisfarne fun, very loud Rab Noakes ok.

[The Peter Gabriel version of Genesis was once the support act to chart toppers Lindisfarne. The concert obviously worked for me though, as I subsequently bought a shitload of Genesis records, none of which I can now stand. Rab Noakes was a singer-songwriter - still is, in fact.]

October 12th.
Aftermath. Me ears still ringing.
School is horrible. Eric is God.

[Well, that's nice.]

October 13th.  (Friday)
This new "Sequence" programme is awful. Remember to complain to BBC.

[Can't even remember it, but I know I forgot to complain to the BBC.]

October 21st.
I bought Genesis Nursey Cryme.

[Or more likely Nursery Cryme. Peter Gabriel was startling to a young teen – I can still remember the fox head. It makes me tremble.]


Bruv said...

Hi Sis

I thought that I had submitted a comment yesterday, so if this is a duplicate can you delete.

I saw Genesis twice in the original Peter Gabriel format. Once at Sheffield Town Hall and once in Bradford at the same hall at the bottom of the road from dewsbury (might also be called City Hall!!. This was where I also saw Marc Bolan.

Did we go to see Genesis together as the fox head Gabriel was only a personna that lasted a fairly short time, so I think that I might have taken my little Sis???

They only did 3 decent albums Trespass, Nursery Crymes and Foxtrot and even then there were only a couple of tracks on each that were any good. Looking for someone on Trespass, Watchers of the Sky, Get 'em out by Friday (summed up the Rackman era)and Suppers Ready on Foxtrot and I can't think of anything in particular on Nursery Crymes.

As far as the Gabriel fox head it was the combination of this with the red dress that gave the punch, not just the head.


Peromyscus said...

It could well have been together - I can't remember who I went with, but at that age it most likely wasn't my school chum Captain Cynical and it certainly wasn't by myself. It was at Bradford St. George's Hall. Thanks for taking me!

The big question is - what did you think of Rab Noakes? Never mind support act Genesis!

Bruv said...

The Genesis gig at Sheffield was where I first heard Mike Oldfields's Tubular Bells. It was only Genesis on the bill if I remember correctly and they played Tubular Bells (I think both Mike Oldfield and Genesis were both with either Chryasalis or Island at the time) before the curtain went up with a blacked out stage and the Watchers of the Sky started playing with Gabriel slowly lighting up with black and florescent makeup and a wizard outfit with a huge collar. The juxtaposition of Tubular Bells and Watcher made my skin creep. Unfortunately I didn't know the music was Tubular Bells and it was probably a month before I heard it again and found out the title.

Never did rate Lindisfarne whatever the line up was. Saw them again at Middlesbrough Town Hall, in the late / mid 70s at one of their annual Xmas gigs and I think I yawned all the way through it.


Peromyscus said...

Also I quite liked Selling England by the Pound, but not enough to still own it.


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