Sunday, September 30, 2012

Let sleeping flies lie

I've never seen a sleeping house fly before, but this one had a couple of kips at my house. Perhaps house flies only sleep on house plants.

He was sound asleep too - no cleaning his face or vacuuming with his tongue at all. Just away with the fly  fairies.

You'll no doubt have noted that the plant providing the room at the inn, as it were, is a rather gorgeous Senecio articulatus.

 I had one when I was a kid, although back then we were so ignorant we called them Kleinia articulata. Their mode of growth, in those Dali-esque elongated barrel-shaped segments, is so unusual and striking that they attract attention right across the room.  Since a lot of them lose their leaves and end up looking like planted sausages, they are called Hot Dog plants. No wonder they attract flies.

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