Monday, July 08, 2013

Led Zeppelin at Nassau Coliseum 1975-02-13

Led Zeppelin in their mid-seventies heyday: Empress Valley Supreme Disk have a super-deluxe bootleg out which includes a soundboard recording of Led Zeppelin playing Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum on 02/13/75. (An audience recording has been available previously, but is not well-loved.)

This show includes Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones and the Faces guesting on guitar on the encore, Communication Breakdown.

No, I haven't bought this expensive strictly-limited 9-CD set, which goes by the name The King's of the Stone Age [sic] but I have heard Communication Breakdown, and it's EPIC. Not biased or anything, but I think Jimmy Page wins the jam...and listening to John Bonham and John Paul Jones break out the funk for a chunk of it is irresistible in itself.

Some kind soul by the name of Jim Sirigos has put it up on YouTube for us. (If it gets taken down, let me know and I'll find somewhere to put an MP3 of it instead.)

Update: Here's Whole Lotta Love, as well.

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