Friday, September 27, 2013

Men on Page 3

No, not men actually printed on Page 3, that would be unthinkable. Men commenting on Page 3.

The Graun prints a piece from "the presenter of Radio 5's Men's Hour" who thinks the time has come for the sun to set on the Sun's Page 3 titstravaganza:
I used to love Page 3 – but the time has come to banish breasts from the Sun
The presenter of Radio 5's Men's Hour on how he finally came to the conclusion that nipples in our newspapers have had their day – and why other men should do the same 
But why? Is it because it demeans women, as women have been saying since its inception?
The long-standing arguments about female objectification are, I'm sure, perfectly valid. But what resonated with me was what Page 3 says about men. Sure, we are visual creatures; and I love getting a sext as much as the next man. But having a daily pair of breasts at the front of Britain's biggest-selling newspaper just sends the message that we're simple – that we're more likely to part with our 40p for a smidgen of areola.
Why no, it's because it demeans men. What else would the presenter of "Men's Hour" think?

 (Actually I didn't even know there was a "Men's Hour". The radio used to have a "Women's Hour" with the implication that the other hundred or so hours were generally speaking de facto men's hours. Kind of like you have a Black History Month in the US but not a White History Month, because whites get a lot of press for their history the other eleven months, without any hoopla, or indeed much attention to the fact, and kind of like the way that a man talking about his husband is still sometimes seen as "shoving homosexuality in your face" while everyone else earnestly discussing their relationships is just, well, normal chatter.)

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