Saturday, January 17, 2015

Road Worrier update

Alas, the famous twin lampposts of San Juan Capistrano are no more.

They used to look like this.

Which I think was a much better effect.

On the other hand, the unbelievable acreage of road that has been produced here is actually quite useful, as instead of going through the center of town at 1 mph, I can zip up the 75 new lanes, turn left a bit and be home in seconds. It was worth the $70 million or whatever.

On another note, I went on foot to McDonalds to take this picture and had to go past some 16 year old douchebucket who mocked the way I walked as I went past. This makes him literally the third person of American origin I've met who has acted like a total shitweasel. Since I've met tens of thousands, I can confidently say Americans are generally saints compared with English people. That makes American world policing and domestic policing so hard to understand - everyone's so nice in person but collectively they're somewhere between "kill it with fire" and "nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure" when it comes to security.*

*Not that Brits are any less punitive, but at least you know that's how we are as soon as you meet more than three of us.

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