Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hugo Vote ends shortly

I've done my voting for the Hugos.

I'm not going to put my votes here as I'm not a fan of slates, and even though the readership of this blog is infinitesimal, it could be construed as such. However, I will say that, as promised, I did put each puppy nominee below "no award". If I thought they were not worthy of consideration at all I left them off entirely. There were some non-puppy nominees that got below "no award" too. I'm thinking it wasn't a bumper year for science fiction. The novels, dramatic presentations and Campbells (not a Hugo) were a pretty good selection, though. Plenty of good reading there.

Here's where to find each nominee in your voter's packet, if you have one. And if you haven't got one, better hurry! Voting ends on July 31st.

I'm still vaguely wondering if I can make it up to Spokane so I can go to the business meeting. It's still a possibility.

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