Saturday, August 01, 2015


This is the Trelawny, my Veiled Chameleon.

When he has nothing else to do, he blesses his surrounding with this "Live Long and Prosper" hand-signal he does.

I bought him from a pet store (which is not recommended, but I did) as he was half-price due to "growing too fast to be sold as a baby".  He was four months old, so now he's about six months old and is still growing fast.

He has more personality than all my other lizards put together, and it's sometimes hard to remember he's only six months old. He's explored much of the house, and agitates early on in the morning to get out of his cage and go and explore.

It's not true that chameleons change color to match their surroundings (although they can do brighter and duller versions of their colors - the photo above is "average" for Trelawny).  However, they can change shape drastically. Above he's very thin and tall, like a tropical fish.  He can also do long and skinny, "look at me I'm a leaf" and a couple of other shapes.

Here he is sitting on his ladder in the window, admiring the trees outside.

And here he is at a slightly younger age, with the characteristic curly tail.

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