Friday, December 14, 2007

The Song Remains the Same

The audience-shot footage from Led Zeppelin's gig at the 02 is now back on YouTube, Google Videos and Dailymotion.

Apparently an overzealous underling issued the DMCA takedowns. Or that's what it says here.

Antony Bruno of reports that a third-party vendor hired to issue takedown notices on sites like YouTube has taken responsibility for the removal of LED ZEPPELIN concert footage taken during the band's historic reunion.

Sources involved in the situation earlier in the day said the takedown notices came at the behest of the band and its handlers. However, by late Wednesday, the company Grayzone issued a statement acknowledging their involvement and apologizing for their mistake.

Whether this means the footage will reappear on the site is unclear. While Grayzone acknowledges the error, there's no telling whether either the band or its management will prefer to keep the footage off YouTube even if it didn't initiate the takedown notices.

According to, video footage of LED ZEPPELIN's triumphant reunion concert on Monday night has become an online hit watched by half a million people.

Within hours of the band leaving the stage at London's O2 Arena, footage shot with mobile phones was posted onto YouTube.

Just over 24 hours later, a 10-minute clip of the band performing possibly their most famous track, "Stairway to Heaven", had been viewed by almost 500,000 people.

A shorter clip of them performing "Good Times Bad Times" had been viewed by more than 250,000 people.

Of course I didn't bother to save any URLs so I can't put them here. If anyone gives me a list, I'll edit the post to include them. Until then, you can watch or download them from my 4shared drive or search on YouTube etc. with the usual suspect keywords.

To use a 4shared drive:
Click on the file you want and it opens up another window. You can watch the video in that window or download it from the window. The download button only opens up after about thirty seconds, so if you don't see one at first, don't panic.

When you have an .flv file on your hard drive, you need a player to watch it. If you don't have one installed there's a free one at Just follow the instructions on that page for downloading it.

If I'm missing any good ones let me know and I'll copy and upload them.

I'm going to go back now and edit the old posts and remove the rant about Warner. Happy watching!

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