Monday, September 15, 2008

Marc Bolan, 30 September 1947 – 16 September 1977

Late September again; time to remember Marc Bolan, who died on 16th September 1977, 31 years ago. Marc was my first pop crush and I remember those times well. I remember waiting for a record to be released so I could buy it, knowing the exact time and day it would be available. I remember buying crap newspapers like the Daily Mail and appalling teen rags like Jackie just for the Marc Bolan articles to cut out and keep. I can clearly remember working on a T. Rex scrapbook by the light of a home-made oil lamp during one of England's frequent 1970's attacks of industrial action that cut off the power for hours on end, several times a week. I remember the TV appearances, his elfin look and impish grin. Above all I remember the music. I still play it often, both T. Rex and Tyrannosaurus Rex. The latter, which many people find difficult, if not impenetrable, is easy listening for me, literally child's play.

I visited Golders Green Crematorium last year, to say Hi to Marc (and to Paul Kossoff, also commemorated there). Here's a picture of Marc's plaques in 2007(click on the thumbnail to enlarge):

Here's Metal Guru from 1972.

We miss you, Marc.

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