Thursday, February 19, 2009

Classic Rock turntable

From the fabulous blog Photoshop Disasters, we learn of a turntable which will rip your records.


Photoshop Disasters says:
Under 30: Huh? What's wrong with it? Tchoh.
Over 30: Argh! Looking at that makes my teeth hurt!
I'm over 30.

As commenters there point out, it may be intended for those who want to listen to the Back Masking.

By the way - free tip - I rip my vinyl records by finding them on YouTube and recording them using Freecorder. It just gets you an MP3 but easy as pie and good enough to hear in the car. If you wanted to hear them in hi-fi [1] at home you'd use your record player, wouldn't you? Well, wouldn't you?

[1] That's what we used to call it!


Julie said...

I need a new stylus for my turntable :(
And, yes, I'm over 30.

Peromyscus said...

I had to get one recently. Strangely enough, you can still get them!

Bruv said...

Hi Sis

As a matter of fact you get lazy and as you know I am 2 times 30+ and with our deteriorating hearing playing MP3 through my HiFi (even with $1200 dollar Quad speakers) the sound is almost indistinguishable from the vinyl or CD. It even has good stereo separation and cross over. With 600 albums and over 8000 tracks it definitely makes life easier.



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