Saturday, February 07, 2009

Brand new Led Zeppelin footage released

Completely new, never before seen footage of Led Zeppelin has been released on to YouTube.

Uploader ddimatteo attended the first Led Zeppelin concert at the Fillmore East on January 31st, 1969 and took about 50 seconds worth of silent footage.

Its appearance on YouTube has floored the Led Zeppelin online community. Imagine, he kept it for forty years - and then released it for free!

It's beautiful too - full color, shot from close up, with Robert at his young puppyfat best and Jimmy in a leather jacket playing the Dragon Telecaster with a bow. Dig the oil-wheel psychedelic light show behind them threatening to come alive and eat the band.

A fun find - no, a treasure!


Anonymous said...

I'm one of the floored ones. I always thought this kind of footage is hoareded, but the poster published it for free, on Youtube. This, along with the 8 mm from Headley Grange posted on Google video, makes this a great year (well, the start of it anyway). :)

Peromyscus said...

Yes, let's hope more people remember their old 8mm as the fortieth anniversaries of those gigs go by!

Welsh Terrier World said...

Hi Lyle,
Thank you for those kind words, I'm the one who uploaded that clip! I can honestly say that I remembered I had it,but didn't think it was such a find. An aquaintance Zep fan asked if I could get it converted from 8mm and uploaded for the 40th anniversary.
It's pleasure to offered this free, I've been quiet touched by the many fans who appreciated it.
The week before the Zep concert I filmed the Doors at Madison Sq. Garden 1.24.69. Not as close but a bit longer. After the Zep filming I guess I never took my dad's 8mm to any more concerts. What a dope!
Glad to share, Regards, Dennis

Peromyscus said...

You're a gentleman, Dennis. Thank you!


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