Saturday, February 07, 2009

If you want it, here it is, come and get it, but you'd better hurry 'cos it's going fast

ZOMG! Controversy!

Amanda Palmer on 'Oasis':

my label in the UK has been gearing up to promote “oasis” as a radio and video single.a few days before i left for london i got this email from someone at roadrunner:
”Hi Emily/Amanda,Hope you are both well, I just thought I’d let you know that we have been met by fierce opposition on the Oasis track. Which is disheartening, as combined with the video, we all felt it was a great promotional tool and track. All our TV outlets have refused to play the video due to it “making light of rape, religion and abortion”. This is the audio as well as visual. Many of the stations like the track, and even the video but are bound by strict broadcasting rules. I personally find this quite ridiculous.”
dude.wasn’t this the UK, land of black humor blacker than blackest black itself?i emailed back and asked which outlets. the reply:
”NME tv, Scuzz, kerrang, MTV, Q, the box … to name a few. There is only a few networks: bauer, chartshow and MTV. They control all stations and they all had the same issue….”
and i sat there thinking, wow. here we go again. why can’t ANYTHING just be effing EASY this year?
Here's her video. It's about abortion, rape, art and humor, at least that's the title of her blog. Warning adult subject matter and all that jazz.

The song is poppy and upbeat, nice hook, but dated and a bit tired. The video looked like a Saturday morning kids' TV sketch with added ass-rape and coathanger abortions. A bit of a mixed bag, I thought. Ironic, yes. I got it, but do I want it?

The bass-player's hot, though.

I'm big on condemning censorship, but on the other hand I can't work up a flying fart about the NME etc refusing to promote the song. We have a fundamental right to speak, but no one has a fundamental right to using someone else's property to get heard. If it pisses off their readership, they probably won't want to run it. Boo hoo.

Offensive? Censored? Mr Big stamping out the struggling little guy?


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