Friday, June 25, 2010

Blue Blood

However much I may blame the blue bloods for the (now inescapable) disasters overtaking the country, I have to put in a plug for The Dead Weather, and the video for their new single, Blue Blood Blues.

Can't argue with true groove, right?


Mike said...

From Guardian gig guide:
Jack White is indie's cuckoo in the nest. He turns up in your group pretending it's a casual visit then pretty soon he's taken over. That was the case with the Raconteurs, now it seems the same's true of the Dead Weather. Once providers of Nashville jams between White (the drummer), QOTSA's Dean Fertita, Kills' Alison Mosshart and bass-playing pal Jack Lawrence, the group have taken on more and more of White's personality. Hearing new LP, Sea Of Cowards, you may decide that's no bad thing: it's filled with characteristic yelps and some extraordinary guitar. Perspiration they have; if White has anything to do with it, inspiration will follow.

Peromyscus said...

Tell me about it. He's like..was it Runciter or Jory? in Philip K Dick's Ubik. You start off liking a band he's in and a few months later Dean plays guitar just like him and you can't tell his voice from Alison's and you realize he's all of them and everywhere and you're probably dead and dreaming it all anyway.

Mike said...

Dead Weather at Glastonbury
About 15 minutes of interview and 2 numbers from Glastonbury, available on stream for 7 days.

Given the software, you can save the stream to your hard drive. You're more capable than I am, but if needed, I could record and upload it somewhere.

Mike said...

For what it's worth:

Edinburgh Picture House, last year:
This is Interview, at 3hr:35min, available until Thursday (tomorrow). (I've recorded this if you need it.)

That above was Interview & Drop & Buffalo, at 0hr:44min, available until Tuesday.
This video is same Buffalo, at 2hr:46min, available until Sunday.
This is another Interview & same Drop, at 1hr:13min, available until Tuesday.

Them Crooked Vultures:
These videos are an Interview from a Maida Vale session. Unfortunately, the session itself has expired.
I have a couple of tracks from Donington this year. That's all she wrote.

Peromyscus said...

Do you mind if I move this information up to the main page?

Carol said...

I saw some of the Glasto set on TV. Pretty good. Shame the rest of the line-up this year was pisspoor, or I wouldn't have cancelled..

Mike said...

Post this link. It's forty minutes of video, covering most(?) of the set, and a little interview.

Full set:
'60 Feet Tall'
'Hang You From The Heavens'
'You Just Can't Win'
'So Far From Your Weapon'
'I Cut Like A Buffalo'
'No Horse'
'The Difference Between Us'
'Hustle And Cuss'
'Blue Blood Blues'
'Die By The Drop'
'Treat Me Like Your Mother'
'Will There Be Enough Water?'

Availability unknown, so I'd save the stream to your hard disk.

I'll endeavour to record the other audio interviews and post the files somewhere.

Bruv said...

Hi Sis

david and Christopher have gone over to France to Festival on the motorbikes. Deadweather were on, haven't had any feedback yet. Christopher was with me when I saw them at the Newcastle gig so it will be interesting what he thinks about their current set. Can you email me, usual address, as I haven't brought your email address on our annual Greek sojourn.


Mike said...

OK, Dead Weather Radio Interviews:
Part One and Part Two.
These links are temporary, so don't post them.

Let me know, if tracks play OK. I won't be keeping my copies, since I'm not a fan. You are now the official Dead Weather archivist.


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