Monday, February 27, 2012

Cherchez La Femme #2

Cherchez La Femme 2.

An incidental and occasional series on How To Blame Women for everything.

When Jack White goes into the chat room on his record company's website, the Vault, people in there stop talking to each other and start mobbing him. This comment was the last loud remark to boom through the chatroom just as everyone else shut up to listen to him on February 22nd. Probably if it hadn't echoed through the room at just the wrong time, it wouldn't have been picked up on anyone's transcripts of White's chat that got spread around the web, and would have been lost to history. Unfortunately, what was said to provoke it is lost, which makes it sound all the sillier.  "JWIII" is Jack White.

The babes and whiners are going to turn JWIII into Bob freakin' Dylan! But that's alright with me!

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