Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quote of the day

"...They have to make sure the douchebags aren't given a soap box." [I'm not one hundred percent sure about this. One of those squishy bags of liquid soap you find in non-domicile establishments might work. If it means one of those wooden soap boxes, it would probably be hard to rig up, I agree.]


KaliDurga said...

Source for context...?

Peromyscus said...

Well, guess what, I can't find it again. It was from one of the many comment threads today about the "fighting community". Here's one.

You would have to read what Bakhtanians said about sexism and threats of rape in the "community", and then picture a commenter saying that what we used to call scumbags should not be given what we sometimes call a platform. However, I saw it as referring to actual douchebags. And soapboxes.

And while we're on the subject, I once wondered what was so bad about a douchebag - after all, it's a sterile, cleansing solution - and was told a douchebag is actually what collects the used douche. Is it? We certainly didn't have them in Yorkshire, and I can't imagine quite how they would work, with or without a soapbox.


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