Monday, January 16, 2017

Ethics in the 21st Century

Since I've been living in the US - almost 30 years now - and certainly since I successfully applied for citizenship ten years ago, people (and institutions) have been stuffing my head with pro-Founding Fathers propaganda.
They were unutterably brilliant, foresightful, and crafted a Constitution that was a shining beacon for all humanity, so clever and succinct and yet encompassing answers to all the little foibles and great schisms that can wrack man's attempts to craft a perfect union.
Then you read something like this where half a dozen fuckers squabble like 9 year old D&D players miffed over a poor DM decision and there isn't really a way to tell them to cut it out.
I remember seeing a little youth riot in my home town in the seventies (feat. 6 youth) and a policeman caught two of them by their collars and banged their heads together. The Founding Fathers should have thought to have that rozzer's ancestor transferred to the US so he could do it to these fucktrumpets.

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