Monday, April 30, 2007

Cosmic Dancers

Lovely early T. Rex footage. Marc and Mickey Finn at a festival in Amsterdam in 1970, singing By the Light of a Magical Moon.
You can't click on the picture as embedding is disabled for some strange reason.
Download it by clicking on the word. The song actually starts at around 1' 50". Use the first 110 seconds to do something useful, e.g. crochet a bong doily. You might need one afterwards as it's the dopesmokingest piece of footage I've ever seen. The Dutch. 1970. Nuff said.

While I'm on the subject: There are a couple of Tyrannosaurus Rex vids extant. There's Sara Crazy Child (the one on the Born to Boogie DVD) and this one - Debora, played in Kempton Park in 1968. The sound isn't real, unfortunately, but that's the real Steve Took on bongos. I think. I mean, how can you tell for sure from forty year old footage?

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